St James Catholic College Gym, Cygnet

Music, Drama, Multi-purpose Gym & Canteen

Constructed during 2014, this project formed a major stage of a master-planned upgrade program for St James Catholic College.

M2architecture brought together a series of complicated requirements with this project, satisfying very tight budget constraints and difficult briefing requirements. The end result is a very flexible multi-purpose set of spaces that address the needs to the School and Community on a number of levels.

David Menzies

Constructed on the site of temporary classrooms and the original shelter and canteen, the new multi-purpose gym building connects to an existing classroom block that has been converted to a music & drama suite that opens up as a stage.

Cygnet is a very beautiful part of our lovely state of Tasmania, however it is frequently wet and cold, especially during the winter months. 

When this project was brought into focus, there was a strong desire to achieve a series of spaces that perform on a number of levels and not least of which was to provide a weather protected space for sport, assemblies, lunchtime shelter, and community activities.

The educational needs were for a new Music & Drama suite to allow the delivery of the curriculum in a better way than was possible with the previous spaces, and a new multi-purpose gymnasium space for physical education and sport that could also be used by the wider community. 

The project scope also involved bringing disability access into the School property in conformity with the current standards. This was achieved through the cooperation of the Council through the use of a neighbouring park in a win-win arrangement.

Structure, Civil and Hydraulics : Gandy & Roberts Pty Ltd

Services : Ecos

Cost Consultant : Exsto

Builders : Fairbrother

Photos : M2a