Hope Christian Centre

Redevelopment and Relocation

For many years this Church was based in Murray Street Hobart and was known as the Murray Street Chapel.

the plan form allows different activities to occur without interference with each other

David Menzies M2 Architecture

Its limited space led the congregation to pursue the redevelopment of a warehouse building in Tasma Street, North Hobart. Now called Hope Christian Centre the facilities cater to the many different activities undertaken by the Church.

Externally not much has changed although long term plans include further works to the Street facade. Internally the existing double pitched roof structure has identified the 2 major volumes that interconnect via operable wall panels - one an auditorium for church services, and the other an overflow area also used for youth activities and functions. In addition there are areas set up for Children's Church programs, Child Minding, and a loft space for youth meetings. The building also contains a reception and church office area.

The spacious foyer area allows people space to mingle before and after activities and offers access to the various functional areas.

The plan form allows a number of different activities to occur without interference with each other, but serviced from a central serving kitchen and toilet facilities.

Built using mainly volunteer labour and associated mission services, the project was completed over a period of approximately 2 years and has been warmly accepted.

Structure : Gandy & Roberts Pty Ltd

Services : Kingston & Associates

QS : Kevin Collins

Acoustics : Pearu Terts