General Practice Training Tasmania

Architectural Services

M2a had worked with the CEO of GPTT in her previous role as Director of CPA Tasmania. When Allyson and the Board of GPTT decided to move to new premises, M2a was a natural choice to provide architectural services.

"...we needed to change our culture and move to a more contemporary and open plan environment..."

Allyson Warrington

General Practice Training exists to train Doctors in preparation for entry to general practice. Two of the prime motivators behind this project were the need to have an appropriate suite of training rooms and to provide administrative accommodation that is conducive to team work. Both of these were substantially missing in the previous premises, but have now been provided in this new tenancy.

M2 architecture was engaged by General Practice Training Tasmania to design a new tenancy for their administrative and training program. The brief included a number of particular requirements, including separation of the training / public function from the administrative function with both controlled from a single reception point; a mixture of open plan and discrete offices promoting a friendly team-work atmosphere; and flexibility in the arrangements for the training suite of rooms whilst maintaining good separation when required.

This video records an interview of Allyson Warrington, CEO of General Practice Training Tasmania by David Menzies, Director of M2a and project architect, shortly after completion of the project, on location at GPTT in their new tenancy on Level 3 RACT House, Murray St, Hobart.


Completed: December 2012

Builder: Tascon Constructions Pty. Ltd.

Furniture: UCI (Tasmania)

Services: SEMF

Photos: PropertyPix