Crown Law

Crown Law Tenancy

M2architecture was engaged to undertake this tenancy project following a detailed briefing and schematic design process.

small meeting rooms with 2 way access provide privacy for clients

David Menzies M2 Architecture

Working within a limited footprint, the circular enclosure of the administrative workstations allows some encroachment into the previously dedicated lift lobby zone. The circular form opens up the space into a waiting lobby area outside the new meeting rooms. Concealed lighting and the use of Tasmania TImbers adds a more familiar and friendly feel to the counter zone.

This project was born out of the need to address changing workplace practices introduced to improve employee security and to provide a more effective working interface with the members of the public.

A series of small meeting rooms with 2-way access allows the Department to interact with their clientele without the need to bring them into the workplace.

Much of the existing tenancy fitout was retained or adapted to suit where possible and practical.

Completed : 2010

Builder : Tascon Constructions Pty. Ltd.

Services : Kingston Australia Pty. Ltd.

Photos : Richard Eastwood