Architectural Services

M2architecture was appointed following a careful selection process to provide architectural services to Clemenger Tasmania.

"The agency has been rebourn, with new vigour, confidence and passion for our creative product and our future"

Phillip Drury, Creative Director, Clemenger Tasmania

Our brief included a well defined budget and timeline.
The completed project was the culmination of extensive planning and consultation with the directors and staff closely involved at all stages.

One of the driving factors behind the project was a very strong desire to redefine office culture and working relationships within the Clemenger teams - their previous tenancy configuration enforced separation between teams and also within teams; the new configuration brings the teams together into a vibrant and happy open plan.

The most revolutionary change is that no-one has a separate office but private conversations and activities are provided for with separate interview rooms.

Featuring prominently within the open plan is a transparent glass drum meeting space adjacent to an in-house cafe.

While the plan is open, the design does have a structure to subtly control access and movement; storage joinery, equipment zones and display walls have been carefully positioned to articulate views and movement.

Completed : 2010

Builder : De Jong & Sons

Services : Kingston Australia

Photos : Richard Eastwood